A 3D Printed Ultra Low Cost CNC Router

I decided to build an ultra low cost CNC router.

Most of the parts are 3D printed, linear slides are ball bearings fixed in a “cage”  and rolling around a square steel profile.

For the electronic, I used a ramps 1.4 with a firmware I customized from the open source Malin project to suit the need of a CNC router.


I couldn’t bare with the noise and slowness of metric rod as lead screw, so I put GT2 belt instead on X and Y axis.

Here is the building of the machine:

And here are the first objects I milled:


And here a quick Video showing the router milling bamboo:

My 3D printed CNC router milling Bamboo from victor jung on Vimeo.

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    Hello Victor!
    I’m from Argentina and first of all sorry for my English is very poor.
    Congratulations on the router you made up with 3d printer.
    I really want to make it, can you sell me the files for printing?
    Please if you could help me because nobody answers my questions and I need make one urgent for work.

    Thanks for your time.


    Alejandro Alvarez

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