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rendu 2

Ultra Low-Cost 3d Printer

This printer is designed to cost less than 120$ without giving up on quality. The build volume is 235*205*195 mm^3. UPDATE: Initially, I planned on using 28byj-48 steppers for…

3D Rendering

From Computer to reality!

Thanks to the new CNC router I built, I can start making some  great things!    

Printing a charmander

Another 3D printer, the AluMaker!

At this point my CheapMaker is working perfectly, but I hate how this cubic design makes everything complicated when it comes to access some parts in order to do some tunings…

Sans titre

Windows sleep mode software

I like to fall asleep while listening music, but, I don’t like when it runs all night long. Since now, I used the command line “shutdown -s -t…