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A new CNC

Another CNC router

I am building a new CNC router based on an aluminium profile structure, This one is supposed to be sturdy enough to mill in aluminium and other soft…

3D Rendering

From Computer to reality!

Thanks to the new CNC router I built, I can start making some  great things!    

Coming soon: PID Controller for CNC Spindles

I am quite happy with the new CNC I have made. But the main issue with the dremel is that it works great around 30’000RPM but has no torque at low…

CAD Model.

A 3D Printed Ultra Low Cost CNC Router

I decided to build an ultra low cost CNC router. Most of the parts are 3D printed, linear slides are ball bearings fixed in a “cage”  and rolling…


A 4 axis Hot Wire CNC

I thought about building a low cost and simple hot wire cnc for a long time especially to produce foam wings for RC models. As I had everything…

The set ready to play

Laser cut Ping Pong set

I thought it could be great to have a kind of “emergency” PING-PONG set, in order to get ready to play in a few seconds. So I design…